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Chicken Elder of Circus Park.


Circus Park Mission 1

Allani is the Chicken Elder of Circus Park. He is the fifth Chicken Elder that Billy encounters during his plight to save Morning Land. Once you free him, he tells you about Saltim.


Allani was turned into a golden egg when the Crows, led by Saltim, infiltrated Circus Park and Morning Land at large.

Billy finds Allani caged in the middle of a ring of blue Egg Switches when he first visits Circus Park. He knows that to return the morning to Circus Park, he must free Elder Allani.

To free Allani, Billy must carefully roll this egg through a very thin and dangerous path in order to collect enough fruit to feed the egg to maturity. On this path are several Gellies, two rails Billy and the egg must ride, a Drive Switch and accompanying gate, and a Larpee waiting to crack the golden egg when Billy reaches the end of the second rail.

Billy must continue on his path to collect fruit to feed the egg. He will encounter Anters and a Big Dora, before finally reaching a large, brightly coloured playing card puzzle swarmed with Gellies and Big Doras. Defeating this swarm gives Billy enough fruit to feed Chicken Elder Allani to maturity, and so he is saved. He gives Billy an Emblem of Courage as thanks for saving him, before informing him of the Crow boss that has taken control of Circus Park.