Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Wiki

The Legendary Chicken Suit.

Egg that contains the suit.

The Legendary Chicken Suit, also known as the Rooster Suit, is what Billy Hatcher and his friends are wearing throughout the game. The sole purpose of the suit is to protect its wearer from the dangerous perils of Morning Land. Its most notable power is giving Billy and his friends super strength making them strong enough to move and lift enormous eggs. It also gives them the ability to banish the darkness, this was shown in Giant Palace where there are patches of darkness and rolling the eggs powered by the suit over them was able to burn them away, and the final boss. It also gives them the ability to perform the Rooster Call, which is used to hatch an egg that has been fed enough to grow to its maximum size and free whatever is inside, mostly Helper Animals and elemental Chicken Combs. To perform the Rooster Call, they shout "Cock a-doodle-doo!".


The chicken suit's colour scheme is mostly three colours. White, red, and another colour which varies between characters.

There is a suggestion that the suit also transforms the clothes that the wearer was already wearing before they got it. For example, Billy's normal clothes were mainly blue, thus his suit becoming blue.

Chick has the most unique of the suits. He has goggles over his hat, mittens instead of fingerless gloves and he doesn't have the orange covers that go over the shoes.