Dark Corvo

Dark Corvo is Dark Raven's right-hand crow and a powerful sorcerer. Ironically, despite his lower position, he is even more powerful than Dark Raven to some extent. He possesses more abilities than Dark Raven, but is likely mortal unlike his boss. He is wanted by the Council of Chicken Elders for burglary, larceny, the murdering of young Chickens, disturbing the peace, and threatening to plunge Morning Land into eternal night. Believe it or not, most of Dark Corvo's strength comes from the mass use of drugs that he brewed himself. He first appeared in Forest Village and transformed the crows into monsters. One by one, the crow bosses Era Gecko, Captain Glur, Topo, Moles and Saltim are defeated and he has to take matters into his own feathers. Dark Corvo then invades the Sand Ruin temple while high on one of his substances. He spawns Crows and sets up various traps in order to deter that insolent Billy Hatcher, but none of it works. When Billy steps on the Dark Gate, Dark Corvo senses his presence and prepares for battle. Dark Corvo dreams up psychedelic copies of the previous bosses and tries to use them against Billy, but it isn't enough. He clones himself, creating multiple copies of himself in an attempt to slash Billy to death. Inevitably, Dark Corvo takes the final hit from Billy, and is defeated. He is sucked into a portal below, and an Emblem of Courage reveals itself. Billy takes the Emblem, of course.

It is unknown whether Dark Corvo is dead or alive.