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Dark Corvo is a boss from Sands Ruins and the secondary antagonist of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. He's Dark Raven's right-hand crow and a powerful crow wizard (just like Dark Raven).


He first appeared in Forest Village and created crow monsters. One by one, the crow bosses Era GeckoCaptain GlurTopoMoles and Saltim are defeated and he has to take matters into his own feathers. He attacks by making copies of the defeated bosses and himself. Once defeated, he lay on the ground defeated and sucks back into the Shadow World.


Dark Corvo is a purple crow. He has more normal eyes, compared to other crows. He has red markings and a golden shard on his face that connects to the gray beak. He wears a complex wizards outfit. The undershirt is white in the middle, with a golden plate containing an unknown symbol connecting the robe part, but it connects to the robe sleeves as well. It also has a collar, tipped in yellow. The robe is black and green, the sleeves has numerous green swirls and lines, and it is tipped in the same color as well. The robe has a complex design, and contains the Crow's symbol in the middle. He carries a spear as well, it is a causal spear, but with the symbol in the lower middle. He has a small, purple tail that consists of three feathers. And, he has leather straps that cover his feet, but not the toes and claws.