Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Wiki
Giant palace.jpg

Giant Palace is the a region in the north of Morning Land. It holds the final mission of the game. The palace is also shaped like the Emblem of Courage.


  1. Showdown with Dark Raven!
  2. Deep inside the temple...
  3. Roll down the long slope!
  4. Death match! Get the Crows!
  5. Save the 8 Chickens!
  6. Climb up the hill!
  7. What's the Game Man doing here?
  8. Last battle! Crow army!


  • This is the only level in the game where the Dark Gate leading to the boss is in the first misson instead of the second misson.
  • For the post-game missions, it is unknown when they took place. Either before they left, or they were allowed to go back to Morning Land.