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Rolly Roll
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Eggs, Elemental Animals



Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Voice Actor

Yuuka Yamada


Billy, Chick, Bantam, the Chickens, Chicken Elders, Menie-Funie


Crescent Crow Army, Dark Raven, Dark Corvo


Yuji Naka


Legendary Chicken Suit

Light pink helmet with red combs protruding at the back, Paradise Pink fingerless gloves, pink sleeveless shirt complete with a red neckerchief, hot pink shorts, pink and brown shoes with silver soles

Casual Clothing

Pink dress with a red ribbon, gold bracelets, white stockings, red dress shoes, white hair clips

Too many parameters

One of Billy's best human friends, Rolly is a blithesome and sprightly girl. She always tries to help others when trouble arises, but can be a little featherbrained.

––Timm Bogenn in Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg: Official Strategy Guide

Rolly Roll is one of the main characters in the game Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. She, along with Billy, Chick, and Bantam were sent to Morning Land to save the Chicken Elders, and Morning Land at large, from Dark Raven's army of Crows. She was sent to Pirates Island where she obtained a Chicken Suit and tried to defeat the Crows, but was defeated and tied to a bomb. After Billy saves her, she becomes playable in the main game with her own unique mission for each world, alongside Chick and Bantam.


A lighthearted and carefree girl. She always tries to help others who are in trouble, but can sometimes be a bit "scatterbrained".

Rolly's Friends

  • Billy Hatcher - Billy is an inquisitive boy from the human world. With the courage bestowed upon him by the Chicken Lords, he dons the Legendary Chicken Suit and embarks on a grand adventure to save Morning Land from eternal night.
  • Chick Poacher - Chick may look small but his spirit is strong, giving him a misplaced air of superiority. He has a tendency to act before thinking, which always makes his friends a little nervous. He wears teal goggles on his head and seems to have the biggest of the chicken combs on his head.
  • Bantam Scrambled - The heavy and powerful friend of Billy, Rolly, and Chick. He wears the largest and most distinctive clothing of the entire human crew. Bantam is a gentle giant and only uses his strength to look after his friends. Despite his rough outward appearance, he adores cuteness but hates injustice.

Appearances in Other Media

  • Rolly and her friends appeared in the Archie Comics crossover event Worlds Unite, where they defeated Wind Crowrang after he invaded Forest Village.


  • Like the other protagonists, Rolly's surname, "Roll" is a pun on eggs (as egg rolls are a popular Chinese dish).
    • Rolly's first name can also be considered a pun on eggs (as eggs can roll across flat surfaces).
  • Rolly is the only female human shown in the game.
  • Rolly has the smallest chicken comb on her head.
  • Her character strongly resembles that of Amy Rose from Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • Her characteristics are similar to a Disney character named Minnie Mouse.
  • She is given the same voice clips for most of her actions; whenever she jumps, dashes or drives she always shouts "Ay!".
  • The opening cutscene of the game implies that Rolly, along with Billy, Chick, and Bantam were bird watchers (with particular fondness for chickens) before being appointed as defenders of Morning Land.