Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Wiki

Overview of Sand Ruins

Sand Ruins is a region in central Morning Land. It is an ancient desert, guarded by the Chicken Elders. It serves as the headquarters for the Council of Chicken Elders, as Giant Palace is home to the Sacred Order of the Giant Egg. It was designed to safeguard its many secrets. Dark Corvo is sent here by Dark Raven to conquer the temple and defeat Billy Hatcher and his friends. Unfortunately, Dark Corvo loses to Billy. And on top of that? He's said to be more powerful than his leader. Then again, he could just be plotting for revenge as we speak. The front door of the temple contains the six lights for each area (which have been previously activated by Billy), and the Rainbow Gate, which Billy has to open. But, the player has to have obtained 25 Emblems of Courage to prove they have enough courage (in other words, you will not be able to open the gate otherwise). Apparently, the path to Giant Palace is a very long rainbow.


  1. The Secret of the Giant Egg!
  2. Defeat Dark Corvo!
  3. Open the Rainbow Gate!
  4. Even more mini games!
  5. Save the 8 Chickens!
  6. Sand Ruins under attack!
  7. Emblem atop the pillar
  8. Race against King Biboo!