Topo is the Crow Boss of Dino Mountain. He traps the Chicken Elder Ura-Ura in a golden egg and revives the skeletons of dinosaurs as the Bone Dinosaurs, using them to terrorize the locals and hinder Billy's progress.


Topo looks very similar to a mole, despite being a crow. He had large claws on his hands and feet. He wears a pink animal print striped tank the only has one shoulder, resembling what cavemen wear. On it is a belt which has the crows logo. He has a skull on his head with two bones jutting out of it. He has two black wings coming out of his back, giving away his alliance to the crows.


The fight begins with Topo riding on the skeleton of a dinosaur, running around in the lava surrounding the island on which Billy stands. At this point you cannot hurt him. The dinosaur will jump in the lava, firing forth flaming rocks which hurt when hit by, but contain fruit when run over and broken, allowing Billy to grow his egg. Shadows on the ground give away where they will land. Eventually, the dino buckles, throwing Topo onto the stage. He is vulnerable for a moment, allowing Billy a chance to attack. he then gets to his feet and runs around the stage for a short while, slashing at any rocks that get in his way. The slashing hurts Billy, but at this point Topo can still be hurt by the egg. Eventually he will jump back onto his dino. The dino will then emit a terrifying roar, breaking any remaining boulders on the stage, restarting the cycle. After he loses a certain amount of health, he will immediately jump back to his dino after he recovers from being thrown.


  • Topo is described as having "revived the skeletons of dinosaurs", but really his ability appears to be more that he is simply manipulating the bones of old dinosaurs. If he was reviving them, they surely would have tried to eat him as well as Billy.
  • Although many crows have circular white eyes, Topo has squinty red eyes.